Tiki Drink Menu Novelty Print Gathered Skirt

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Cocktails anyone? This skirt is inspired by the tiki drink menus that everyone steals at the tiki bar.

This gathered skirt features Scorpion Bowl, Pain Killer, Pina Colada, Mai Tai & Blue Hawaiian illustrations along the border with bubbles and mint accents on a pale yellow background.

Don't forget the matching Tiki Bob brooch!

This skirt features an extra 1" on the waistband so you can move the button over either way for a perfect fit. There is also a pocket on the right side for your lipstick and your phone.

Each skirt features my signature so you know it's an original Denialle Von Fitch design.

All rights reserved ©2016 Denialle Von Fitch

S 26-27″ 26″
M 29-30″ 26″
L 31-32″ 26″
XL 33-34″ 26″
2X 37-38″ 26″
3X 40-41″ 26″



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