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This unretouched image of Cindy Crawford has been making the rounds on the internet this week and I have to say it caught my eye.

I meet so many wonderful ladies who are soooo hard on themselves for their looks that it really makes me sad. Cindy made a statement at the premier of her new documentary that truly sums up what I wish for all women:

"I really think - at any age - it's learning to be comfortable in your own skin. If women would treat themselves with the same kind of love they give to their friends, that would be such a great gift we could give ourselves. What makes you most attractive is self confidence. That's what people see." - Cindy Crawford

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Well hello there beautiful! Where did you stick your Hello Beautiful sticker?

Post a photo on instagram with the hashtag #hellobeautiful #theoblongboxshop and be entered to win a goodie bag!
I will choose 1 random winner every week! Why you ask? Because you are beautiful!!!

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