About My Skirts & Fabric

I get alot of questions regarding my skirt material and the way they are produced and why I use polyester instead of cotton. I use a process called sublimation. Sublimation is perfect for small run designs and apparel. Each one of my skirts is printed individually, I do not print huge rolls of fabric. I want each skirt to be special, I like to retire designs so that they are special and limited edition, this way I do not have tons of back stock hanging around, once I discontinue a design that's it!

The fabric I use is different than most companies, I researched poly fabric for months before deciding on this fabric. The reason why I chose it is because it's lightweight but still has structure so that the skirt can be worn with or without a petticoat and still look amazing!

My polyester poplin fabric barely wrinkles so needs little to no ironing, but if you want to iron it you can with no worries about ruining the design or the fabric. You can also wash and dry my skirts and never worry about shrinkage or fading. The sublimation process requires the art to be digitally printed on paper and then heat transferred onto the fabric at very high temperatures, this is when the fabric goes through any shrinkage before it's sewn. This process requires polyester fabric, you cannot use cotton because it would shrink up due to the high heat.  Also the colors will never fade! How many other companies can say that?!

You might be hesitant to try on one of my skirts because the fabric is so different but once you do, I promise, between the low maintenance and vibrant colors you wish you had tried them sooner!

And don't forget that I have an exclusive design on the waistband that NO OTHER apparel company offers - and extra 1" of fabric so you can move the button over either way for a perfect fit! This way if you get your skirt and it's a little to big or too small no need to send it back for another size! Just move that button over! Also my designs sometimes sell out quickly so there might be the option for another size, this small but so important design detail solves that problem! If you do not know how to sew any tailor can do it for you for a few dollars.

Quality is my number one concern when designing, I promise I would not sell anything that isn't worth the price and my skirts are BUILT TO LAST for generations!

All of my sublimated skirts, purses and swimsuits are manufactured overseas but all other items are made here in San Diego. All labels reflect that in the garments.


Denialle Von Fitch