It's wedding season!!! How to go Retro!

Hey kittens!

Recently I attended a wedding and had a really hard time deciding what to wear.
I have alot of sexy pin up and retro dresses and skirts but are those appropriate for a wedding? At this beautiful ceremony, which was held outdoors and in the afternoon, there was alot of different styles going on... from floral skirts to boho chic to retro inspired dresses... some good and some really, really bad.

Let's start with the bad:


I saw WHOLE LOT of this going on... black top, long floral skirt and outdated sandles... no bueno ladies!!!
Where was that skirt hiding 1992?!!! Seriously its time to go through your closet and purge!!!
Black DOES NOT goes with everything! A floral skirt can be adorable in the right shape and color along with a colorful, form fitting top.
There are a ton of options in floral skirts... fit, flare, midi and peplums. So do not fall into the trap of - this is a wedding so I have to be covered up like an Amish woman!

Here are some cute options in floral skirts that go well with my Sweetheart Pin Up Tops:


Then I saw this....


LADIES.... this is not Cochella... this is not a pool party and for heaven's sake we are not on Haight and Ashbury! Please do not ever wear this to a wedding... EVER. Unless the bride requests it and THAT IS THE ONLY TIME. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE ME a good maxi dress but this style and design is not appropriate for a wedding.

I carry these two options in Maxi Dresses that would be lovely for any wedding with a cute cropped cardi:


Ok let's discuss retro style... 

There are so many cute options out there... here are a few rules to follow...

Rule number 1 - Make sure the dress is knee length or below. I am not a big fan of the super short hemlines that have been so popular the last couple years. Unless you are 16 or skinny as a twig they just don't look classy. Knee length or below gives you that retro look and you don't have to worry about accidentally flashing your fine china... know what I mean?

Rule number 2 - Always bring a cardigan - this is my RULE when going to any event...  a life saver if its chilly or if you aren't a fan of showing off your upper arms or if you have alot of tattoos. I have many tattoos and honestly I do not want that to be the focus of attention when I'm at a wedding - it should be all about the happy couple!

Rule number 3 - This is not the time to show off the girls... (.) (.) you know what I mean... You don't have to cover them all the way up but no one wants to see side or under boob... well maybe the creepy uncle but he doesn't count! It's not classy nor tasteful.

Rule number 4 - Wear comfortable shoes - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL! There are alot of fabulous platform heels out there that look vintage and adorable however they are not good for long days such as a wedding where you might be on your feet for long hours or dancing the night away.

Here are some amazing options all available in my Pin Up Dress section:


Oh one last rule.... please do not ever wear solid white to a wedding - unless you want to get kicked out!

Now have fun and go be FABULOUS!



Denialle Von Fitch

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