Tiki Oasis Tiki Beat August 14th-17th

Come on out to Tiki Oasis in San Diego at the Crowne Plaza Hotel August 14th-17th! During the day it is FREE to shop the vendors and hang out at the pool! My booth will be indoors in the Lahaina Room right near the entrance or exit (depending on where you enter) out to the pool area.

What is Tiki Oasis?

Dig Tiki Oasis the biggest Tiki Weekender on the planet.

Beat-Tiki, a gathering of the urban beachcomber-bohemian underground

Tiki Oasis' "Beat-Tiki" weekender offers a unique pairing of the Beatnik and Tiki ethos. Like the Beat Generation of legend and lore, today's Tiki aficionados are drawn to primitivism and thirst to reconnect with the primal past, celebrating it in a modern context. Spend a carefree weekend in an urban oasis amidst fellow barefoot bohemians, reveling in the kind of art, music, literature and mixology that is sure to flip your lid!

Tiki Oasis' Beat-Tiki weekender will quell your wanderlust, quench your thirst, and leave you with life-fulfilling memories.

In the spirit of Beat literati, The Beat Museum(San Francisco) will host a pop-up bookstore as well as an expanded booksigning event. There will be several scheduled and spontaneous poetry readings by well-known and unknown authors and poets. And we have increased the number of educational symposiums: Learn about the proto-hippie, flute-playing poet, composer, naturalist, and urban explorer Eden Ahbez with researcher/author Brian Chidester; The heart of the Venice Beach Beatnik scene is examined by author Domenic Priore; Beat era artist, original Disney Imagineer, and creator of the Tiki Room Tikis, Rolly Crump, shares his thoughts; and many more.

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