Mandy Mischief for Pinup Queen of Roadshow Revival!

I am super excited to announce my sponsorship of Mandy Mischief for the
Johnny Cash Tribute show Roadshow Revival Pinup Contest in June!

She's such a doll and very involved in the pinup community
and her fiance is a fantastic photographer Atomic Bill!

Here is a little bit about Mandy:

My name is Mandy Mischief. My style icons include Lily Munster, Morticia Addams, and Peggy Bundy. I love John Waters films and my favorite author is Chuck Palahniuk. I’m a modern pinup with a little punk rock flavor. I got into pinup modeling because I adore costumes and stages. Modeling is a way for me to create a character or story in front of the camera. For me I think the music is the most important part of any scene, so going to shows is my favorite thing to do. I am the oldest of six. I enjoy being a big sister and I appreciate having a large family. It’s like having a tiny army at my disposal. Most people assume that Halloween in my favorite holiday because I use a lot of spooky things in my decorating, but a fun fact about me, Christmas is my favorite holiday. I think Halloween is a lifestyle. In fact if you come over to my house you will be greeted at the front door with my two zombie flamingos, Fred and Ethel. I love the rockabilly scene; I think we have the best clothes and music (although I am a big fan of punk rock and ska too). In my free time I love to thrift store shop, read, belly dance, or work on DIY projects for my home.  

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