Matchy Matchy!

I've been stocking up on so much #matchymatchy stuff lately cuz I just love how cute couples look when they match! Nothing says luvin' like a couple who matches! I do have issues with people who go to theme parks and dress their whole family in matching t-shirts or jumpsuits. Nothing says "tourist" more than that. I suggest only doing that when you want to be a target for a mugging or car jacking.
Now... let's get to the good stuff. Tiki Oasis is only a week away and I have a ton of great options for you and your guy. Some things were made to go together and some I just paired for a cute look.

This matching set by Steady features a black men's bowling shirt & strapless sarong style dress.
Men's shirt $50. Dress $81. SHOP HERE
Here is another version of the Steady set featuring a black dress & stone colored men's button down.
Men's shirt $50. Dress $81. SHOP HERE
This cute set features my Tiki Ti Tropical Crop Top $25 & Pink Capris $49.
He's wearing my Tiki Lounge pineapple button down $44

He's rocking my Aloha Lounge button down $44.
She's the queen of the jungle in my Wilma leopard wrap dress $42.

And don't forget about my Sneaky Tiki Skirt in Brown $95 & Sneaky Tiki Men's T $34.

And last but not least! My Red Moai Skirt $95 & matching Red Moai Men's T $34.

Now all you have to do is bribe your man to sport matching outfits!


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