Eye Of The Beholder Lookbook


Model Sabina Kelley • Hair by @Madisonjanehair • Makeup by @stilettos_and_a_suitcase


  • Delta Cockins

    I love this collection so much that I bought all of the pieces. I even bought two of the dresses because I want a back up incase I damage one of them! I’d be surprised if this collection didn’t do well!

  • Robert

    As a man, let me predict how wrong Richard is. I guess he’s never seen the film “The Dolly Sisters”. This collection does Orry-Kelly proud. Keep up the fine work, Oblong Box, and see you in Vegas!

  • Monika

    I beg to differ. TOBS has styles from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. I think this will be a hit. Then again, as a man, you really shouldn’t be predicting what women will and will not like.

  • Richard

    Hi,I really do not see this collection doing very well.You make beautiful full skirts and that style is always so popular, keep the 50’s full skirts and dresses it’s always a winner.

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