Lunch with TOBS - How to spot knock-offs!

Lunch with TOBS - How to spot knock-offs! - The Oblong Box Shop

In this episode of Lunch with TOBS we are discussing my new colllection Forever Friends, Dapper Day and how to spot knock-offs and why you shouldn't buy them.

And I put together a knock-off list of who NOT TO BUY FROM!

How to tell if it's a knock-off brand from China -

It's shipping from China - that's a no-brainer
The photos don't all match on their website. That's because they are pulling them from other companies websites.
The price is too good to be true! Really $5-$15 for a dress?! If it's too good to be true it is!
The description has tons of grammar issues - see the photo below with the blue dress... it says its a warm jacket men... please!!! So obvious this is not a US brand.

Knock off stores on amazon:

Gillberry Women's Dress
Beautyvan - the description for one of their dresses refers to a warm jacket for men!
Danie & Holmy

The list goes on and on… I really think they are all the same distributes just with a million shops on amazon.

Same goes for Ebay:

worldfashion360 - because Paris Hilton loves to wear retro Christmas dresses with an upsidown Santa! This is just ridiculous!

FB ads to stay away from:
DL Boutique - their fb page that shows an item they are selling with the Dress Lilly logo on it - see its all the same company! If you click on the link to shop it goes to


I am pretty sure Paris Hilton did not model a dress with an upsidown santa!

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