"Under the Sea" Mermaid Tiki Mugs by Danielle Mann


Coming in August to Tiki Oasis! I am thrilled to welcome back Danielle Mann as my exclusive Tiki mug sculptress for TOBS. I love working with her - she gets what us tiki ladies want! These beautiful Mermaid bust mugs feature lovely pastel colors with seashell bras and a starfish in their hair!  These mugs will all be sold separately - the tail is a separate mug! Buy her bust or her tail or both. When you set her on a table she looks like she is swimming through the ocean! The Mermaids bust holds 15oz and the tail holds about 7oz.


  • Vinny

    Please let me know if these are available for pre-order or order. Thank you.

  • Vince

    I’d like to purchase a mermaid mug.

  • Sara

    Please also let me know when these are available- especially loving the pink. Are there any of the dark ones left by any chance?

  • Robin Robinson

    I’d love to order the pink one when available. They are so beautiful! I want them all! ?

  • Kimi Brooks

    I love them! All of the colors are wonderful. Do please let me know when they are for sale. Thank you.
    Kind regards,

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