VLV 20 Photoshoot with Miss Victory Violet

VLV 20 Photoshoot with Miss Victory Violet - The Oblong Box Shop

I had the best time at Viva Las Vegas 20 this year! I had the honor of shooting with the lovely Miss Victory Violet! We rented an Airbnb off the strip, which was the best compared to staying in a smoky hotel, that was cute and had alot of natural lighting which was perfect for a photoshoot. Normally I do my own shoots but this time I hired Tara O'Photos so that I could just focus on styling and making sure Miss Victory Violet looked fabulous!

We shot my new Spiderweb skirt and matching sweater. Which the sweater wasn't embroidered yet so we just shot the plain sample.

I got my new Thread & Mitre Denim shorts in so I gave them a test run all day and they were comfortable and perfectly paired with my vintage leopard top.

Tara O' makin magic!

Yes I am on my tippy toes! I am barely 5' tall and she is wearing heels! We had a laugh about how short I am. She said in New Zealand she's considered short! I can only imagine what they would think of me over there!

Then we shot this cute new set! This striped button down dress has the cutest matching shorts! This will be available in the summer. The bangles, necklace and earrings were provided by Splendette! I just adore their line and hope to have some at my booth this summer at Tiki Oasis!

We shot all my Double Cross tops - both crossed in the front and the back because I get alot of ladies asking how you can wear them! Miss Victory Violet was so gracious and patient having to model so many tops! I also put her in capris which she never normally wears but she rocked them and I think they look fab on her amazing figure!

 Here's a little video by Miss Victory Violet that features our shoot:



Little Miss Magelene was my assistant and it was her first time at Viva. She did a great job helping steam the line and take alot of the BTS photos - all the while looking adorable.

Special thanks to Tara O for taking such amazing shots! And to Miss Victory Violet for taking time out of her busy schedule to shoot with my lil' shop!

All these items are on my site now or will be up by Summer 2017!


Denialle Von Fitch

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