Witchy Boss Babes Photo Shoot

Witchy Boss Babes Photo Shoot
I had the honor of photographing 4 of my favorite boss babes over the Labor Day weekend. My idea was to feature each of these special ladies and the bond they share. True friends in real life, these ladies support each other in the truest sense of the word. When they say babes supporting babes, these ladies take that to the next level!

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Lauren Kurtz
Slithering Snake Dress • Luna Boots • Bewitched Hat • Snake Belt

Sara Yasmin
Designer & Mermaid Babe
Dark Shoulder Maxi • Tangled Web Victoria Top (Coming soon) • Tragic Buckle Boots

Christina Smith
Elegant Designs For Ghoulish Creatures
Slithering Snakes Caftan • Bewitched Hat • Chartreuse Victoria Top & Mystic Madness Skirt  (Coming soon)

Veronica Hooded Wrap Dress • Slithering Snakes Caftan • Esmeralda Slides • Harlequin Stockings

Prudence Dress • Bewitched Hats
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