Event: ARIZONA TIKI OASIS at Hotel Valley Ho

Event: ARIZONA TIKI OASIS at Hotel Valley Ho

Arizona Tiki Oasis (April 27th-30th), is an island lifestyle meet-up, held in the middle of the desert at one of the best-preserved Mid-Century hotels in America; Hotel Valley Ho (est.1956). Wear your most festive aloha wear, sip crafted tropical cocktails by top mixologists; browse the pop-up Art Show; relax in a cabana by the pool; learn about mid-century style, design, and lifestyle from experts; shop the outdoor marketplace with a variety of artists, makers, and traders; and, of course, enjoy the overall island-in-the-desert vibe. 


Arizona Tiki Oasis is an annual event that celebrates the retro tiki culture of the mid-twentieth century. The event is held in Scottsdale, Arizona and features live music, vendors, art exhibits, and a variety of tiki-themed activities.

One of the highlights of the event is the live music, which features a variety of bands and performers who play everything from classic Hawaiian music to surf rock and exotica. Attendees can dance and enjoy the music while sipping on tropical cocktails and immersing themselves in the retro tiki vibe.

Another popular aspect of Arizona Tiki Oasis is the vendor area, which features a variety of vendors selling tiki-themed clothing, accessories, artwork, and other items. Many of the vendors create their own unique tiki-inspired designs, adding to the overall creativity and artistry of the event.

In addition to the music and vendors, Arizona Tiki Oasis also features a variety of activities, including tiki carving and cocktail-making workshops, hula dancing lessons, and a tiki mug swap. There is even a pool party, complete with a vintage fashion show and a tiki-inspired burlesque performance.

Overall, Arizona Tiki Oasis is a must-attend event for anyone who loves the retro tiki culture of the mid-twentieth century. It's a chance to dress up in your best Hawaiian shirt and floral dress, sip on tropical cocktails, and immerse yourself in a world of creativity and fun. So if you're a fan of tiki culture or just looking for a unique and fun event to attend, be sure to mark your calendar for the next Arizona Tiki Oasis!

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