Event: RUPAUL'S DRAGCON at LA Convention Center

Event: RUPAUL'S DRAGCON at LA Convention Center

May 12th & 13th



RuPaul's DragCon is an annual convention celebrating the art and culture of drag. Founded in 2015 by drag superstar RuPaul, the event has grown to become one of the largest and most popular drag conventions in the world.

The convention features a variety of events and activities, including panels with drag performers, makeup tutorials, live performances, and meet-and-greets with popular drag queens from the hit TV show "RuPaul's Drag Race." Attendees can also browse through a wide selection of vendors selling everything from drag-inspired clothing and accessories to makeup and wigs.

One of the highlights of the convention is the opportunity to see some of the biggest names in drag perform live on stage. Previous performers at RuPaul's DragCon include RuPaul herself, as well as drag legends like Lady Bunny, Bianca Del Rio, and Sharon Needles. The performances are often a mix of comedy, music, and dance, and are always high-energy and entertaining.

Another popular aspect of RuPaul's DragCon is the chance to meet and interact with drag performers up close and personal. Attendees can take photos, get autographs, and chat with their favorite queens, making the convention a unique and immersive experience.

In addition to the performances and meet-and-greets, RuPaul's DragCon also offers a variety of educational and informative panels. These panels cover a range of topics, from the art of drag makeup to the history of drag culture, and are a great opportunity for attendees to learn more about the world of drag and connect with others who share their passion.

Overall, RuPaul's DragCon is a fun and exciting event for anyone who loves drag culture and the art of drag. Whether you're a longtime fan of "RuPaul's Drag Race" or simply interested in learning more about the world of drag, the convention is a great opportunity to connect with others, learn new skills, and have a blast. So mark your calendar for the next RuPaul's DragCon and get ready to experience the magic of drag!

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